TestimonialsSome really kind words from the friends I made along the way

JC & Andra
  • JC & Andra

  • Yzerfontein, West Coast
So you get wedding photos, and then you get wedding photos that make you relive every second of arguably the best party of your life!  In some way, it’s quite a disappointment when you realise that you need to snap back to reality after getting married for the second or third or fourth time (with the same person, at the same place & time, with that same funny, confusing feeling in your tummy). I remember the first time I met Jaco and outright said: “I can’t help but laugh when I see you.” And however bad it sounds, it was meant in the best possible way. Jaco has this amazing ability to make you forget about the fact that you need to smile perfectly and that your hair needs to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. There’s simply no way your photo session is going to be “wedding photo” like… if you get what I’m saying. We had the most incredible experience with, our now friend, Jaco! Our cheeks still hurt when we think back of the amounts of laughter and crazy experiences we shared. If you want something different, something that captures every single feeling you felt in that special moment, something that will make you remember just exactly how crazy you are about your better half, Jaco’s your guy! Enjoy your shoot – it’s going to be so much more than you hoped for!
Perino & Kaera
  • Perino & Kaera

  • Shine Studios, Braamfontein, Johannesburg
My husband, Perino and I agonised over photographer choice. We didn’t want the usual wedding photos, where people are posed in typical ‘bride-groom’ scenarios - as for us this would mean standing awkwardly like shop mannequins attempting romance. In addition, while Perino is really photogenic, I am spectacularly not. I am the one in the photograph blinking, eating, or laughing – but not attractively so! I felt it would be a challenge for whomever we chose to make me the traditional ‘beautiful bride’, and more so, more importantly for both of us, to capture our wedding as natural moments; capturing our relationship with our families, and the quirky spirit of ‘us’ as a couple, rather than representing us as something that we are not. We found Jaco after hours of searching, and looking at almost 100 portfolio’s on-line.  Jaco’s take on wedding photography was exactly what we wanted – only to discover he was based in Cape Town. I think I actually had a cry when I realised that. But the universe had other plans for him – and it tuned out he would be in Joburg on our wedding day. It was to be his first ever Joburg-CBD wedding. We could not have picked anyone more perfect for our personalities then this amazing photographer. He just ‘got’ us from the beginning, and we allowed him complete control, giving him no direction – other than “Don’t make us look fake”. For Perino it was really important that the photographer would be a ‘guy’s guy’, easy to get along with and have fun with on the day –  while for me, this was not quite as important , and I wanted someone that I wouldn’t be aware of all the time (so he would get some of those natural shots rather than my standard 'deer-in-headlight' freeze). Jaco managed both of those things – and you can see it in our amazing photos. Months after our wedding, I still have people coming to me and saying that ours are the best photographs they have ever seen (and by our age, we have certainly seen a lot of weddingphotos!). He captured our worldview, and our view on life together as a couple, totally. I would recommend Jaco in a heartbeat – not only as the most wonderful photographer, but has a really great person – one who we still want to hang-out with.
Carel & Anneen
  • Carel & Anneen

  • Molenvliet, Stellenbosch
When we came across Jaco, we right away caught on to his artistic approach, appreciation for photography and most importantly an eye for capturing emotion. Jaco walked the extra mile and made our wedding a memorable experience. He captured moments with the family at our pre-wedding dinner using all the random angles and little light the restaurant allowed him, to much of his creativity. Our couple shoot was even more special with the extraordinary little venue he organised for us on the side and even helped organise a playlist and music during the couple's shoot. Romance, laughter, gratitude - that is brought to the pictures. Jaco is relaxed and easy to work with.  If you are looking for a traditional wedding photographer - look elsewhere, but if you are looking for modern, fresh and unique photographs, Jaco is your guy!
Arne & Marie-José
  • Arne & Marie-José

  • Jordan Wine Estate, Stellenbosch
A storm in a teacup – that is Jaco. In the most positive way one can imagine. 
His ability, his talent, his style – for all that his pictures are the best evidence. But what makes the difference though? Jaco is super-creative, spontaneous, full of energy and able to infect all the others with his enthusiasm – all that while maintaining a good balance to staying quietly in the back when appropriate. He has a good sense for people, for making them feel comfortable in front of the camera, for how far somebody would want to go for an outstanding picture and – maybe the most important – he knows how to relax everybody around him, while keeping the focus himself! And he makes you laugh – Jaco is totally positive, finds solutions, is well prepared, so totally professional and that gives you confidence; subsequently you can relax and fully trust that he will hit the mark! What else can you ask for on your wedding day..?! His biggest assets might be his curiosity, his openness towards other people and his sense of humour. 
Taking all that together, this makes him a perfect partner for capturing the most important moments in life.
Seef & L'nanda
  • Seef & L'nanda

  • Hazendal Wine Estate, Stellenbosch
As soon as we got engaged I knew there was one thing which was non-negotiable - Jaco would be our photographer! I have photo stalked him since we were in school together and am absolutely in love with his style, the romanticism, grandeur and beauty of his landscapes. And he delivered in spades!! We scouted a venue for our photos with the best of all worlds, vineyards, rolling fields, Table Mountain and us :) It was awesome, we felt so comfortable, happy, had a blast and was in love with every photo we were shown. The photos captured the whole experience of our magical day beautifully, creating a visual journal that we could keep forever. We were amazed at the variety of gorgeous photos he produced and the ease with which he achieved our goal of warm, loving and grand photos that rocked! Thank you!
Marcel & Delani
  • Marcel & Delani

  • Nooitgedacht, Stellenbosch
When we started the process of looking for a wedding photographer we knew we wanted something different and special and Jaco was the perfect fit! His photography is not only beautifully done but he has the ability to perfectly capture special moments and bring out every person’s personality in his images. He brings just the right amount of humor into his work and makes every picture look like a piece of art. Because of his experience in landscape photography, we loved how he captured the beauty of our surroundings in our photos in such an incredible way. We were so happy with our decision! He has such a great personality and sense of humor that posing for the pictures felt effortless and fun and therefore the photos looked natural and happy. We had a blast!